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Welcome to TIP of Northwest Florida!

Our Mission Statement: 

Our citizen volunteers will provide emotional first aid to survivors of tragedy in order to ease their immediate suffering and facilitate their healing and long term recovery. "Citizens Helping Citizens in Crisis"

About TIP of Northwest Florida

The Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Northwest Florida is a group of specially trained volunteers who are called by first responders to provide immediate, on-scene emotional and organizational support to any victim of a traumatic event. Our calls are initiated by Fire, Police, Sheriff, FHP and Hospital ERs throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, and we respond within minutes to give support to victims of natural and accidental death, suicide, homicide, hurricanes, drowning, child death, natural death, house fires, sexual assault, domestic violence and other crisis situations. Disaster and trauma impacts everyone, so our demographic includes all ages, races, ethnicities and socio-economic groups.  In addition to our assistance to first responders, TIP is one of two non-profits (the other is Red Cross) included in Pensacola International Airport's Emergency Response Plan to provide assistance to friends and family members during any airport disaster. Furthermore, since 2012 we have partnered with the airport, providing TIP volunteers to meet the families of fallen military service members when these families are traveling through the airport as their loved one returns home for the final time. 

Our volunteers are on scene minutes following the 911 call and provide needed support such as funeral home information, medical examiner procedures, and military notification numbers.  TIP acts as a liaison between survivors and first responders and helps in obtaining needed information, as well as looking after the practical needs of survivors. In addition, we assist families with a network of pertinent resources available in the hours, days and even months following a traumatic event.  But just as importantly, we are there side by side with our neighbors in need, providing a calm presence, a caring hug, sometimes wiping a tear, and always giving assurance that strangers do care and no one should go through such an event alone.

TIP of Northwest Florida is a 501c3 organization and is solely donation funded.  Our volunteers have provided compassionate and reliable support to our citizens and first responders since 1995.  We answer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days/year. 


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In 2012, TIP of NW Florida began an affiliation with Pensacola International Airport to assist families traveling through the terminal during the difficult time following the loss of a military service member. We are honored to provide our service to these very deserving families. Pensacola International Airport provides unsurpassed care and compassion to these military families and we are proud to join them in making a difficult journey as smooth as possible. Our active and retired military members are vital to Northwest Florida and we thank them for their service and sacrifice.



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